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Patient Online Access

Online Patient Services Latest information

Patients may use online services: online booking of appointments; online ordering of repeat prescriptions and online access to summary information within patient records (allergies, medications and adverse reactions). Please bring in your photo ID to reception and ask to register for these online services.

Try The myGP Mobile App

Download the appointment bookings app to your smartphone for free. myGP was developed to make access to healthcare easier and faster for patients. Once downloaded, simply log-in with your date of birth and mobile number. To enable the repeat prescriptions facility please contact the reception to register for these online services. It’s really that easy! For more information, please visit:

I love myGP. Download the free myGP App today.

Text on image says: Simple sign-in. Get started with just your mobile number and date of birth. Care for your family. Easily book and cancel appointments for you and your loved ones. Tracking. Keep on top of your medication, weight and blood pressure. Download the free myGP App today.

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