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Maternity Pack

Congratulations on your pregnancy…What happens now?

Please complete the form attached and bring to your Booking Appointment including filling in as much details about any other pregnancies/births you have had previously. We would also recommend that you ensure your details are correct at your GP surgery, specifically Grosvenor & St James Medical Practice, 01892 544777, prior to booking appointment.

Please read the screening booklet attached before your appointment so that you are making choices about what type of screening you wish to have based of the information provided. We would also ask that you have a glance through the Choice booklet which provides you with information regarding the type of care you will be offered by our service throughout your pregnancy.

After your Booking Appointment…

Your ultrasound scan appointment will be sent to you in the post unless otherwise stated by your midwife.

You need to collect your Maternity notes from your GP surgery 1-2 weeks following your Booking Appointment, before you attend for your first trimester Ultrasound scan as this will not be done without your documentation. An appointment for this is not necessary, just pop in and ask at reception for them.
It is important to read through these notes as they contain information which you may find useful, for example how often to see your midwife. It is also important to ensure all the information about you is correct, and to inform your community midwife of any errors/omissions so they can be rectified.

After your First Scan…

Once you have had your Ultrasound scan and your pregnancy has been dated, you need to calculate when you will be approximately 16weeks pregnant and make an appointment to see your Community Midwife for that week. This is your responsibility to do and will not be done automatically. Please be aware that our clinics get very full very quickly and need to be booked well in advance.
The date given by scan is the one which will be used for your pregnancy and may differ from the original due date at booking. Please remember to collect your Gap & Grow Chart before you leave the ultrasound dept and don’t forget to book in your 20 week anomaly scan with them.

Please ensure you attend all your clinic appointments as they are to for the benefit of your unborn baby as well as for your health.


All Community Midwives work varying days and hours and therefore are not always available. We do not give out our mobile numbers.

If your query is a general one regarding pregnancy, please go to the NHS Choices website or MTW Trust website and search in the pregnancy pages.

If you need to contact your midwife for a non-urgent reason, which is not a general query please call the Midwifery Liaison. A message can be left and one of the liaison officers will contact the team regarding your query. Please allow time for the team to respond. You will not have a response over weekends or bank holidays. 01892633488

You can also email the team with your non-urgent enquiry on Please remember to include your full name and hospital number in your email. The emails are checked regularly, however please allow 2 working days for the team to respond.

If your enquiry is urgent, please call Maternity Triage.

01892633500. Please note this is for women who are more than 16 weeks pregnant. Prior to this please contact your GP for advice.


Please note clinic appointments are booked consecutively and therefore you will be given the next available appt time on the day unless otherwise agreed with the midwife.


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